Every Once In A While

Mark Rogers

Of the many roads one takes in life, being a singer/songwriter isn’t the easiest. Mark Rogers seems to understand that. Having started out in LA in the autumn of 1982, Rogers and his new bandmates tried to create updated Cosmic Country Rock in the same town that had invented it fifteen years earlier. But the constant barrage of early 80s Synth-pop took its toll on the band’s fragile sense of belonging and Mark retreated back to Virginia to try other things.

Life goes on. A family. A career. The slings and arrows that define this modern life in America. Fast forward a few decades. The old Martin guitar finally brings out a new melody. This time with words that are attributed to actual experiences. Deeper. Resonating. Hopeful. And with a pop hook. Here comes another one. And another.

Over the past few years, this seasoned songwriter has defied the odds of age. With a seemingly unstoppable flow of melody, Mark Rogers has self-released two EPs and an album that debuted at #24 on the EuroAmericana chart in 2019. His new LP “Rhythm of the Roads” will drop in Summer, 2021. “Every Once In A While” is the first single from the new LP. “I’m learning and developing faster than I ever did as a 25-year old”. As Rogers explains it “Melody and harmony are missing and have been missing in pop music for years. That’s what I was born for.”

“Rhythm of the Roads” is an exploration of a life lived. It’s a reconciliation. Trials and Errors. Love lost and regained, and learning how to live with the two. Mark Rogers hasn’t taken the easy road. His songs wouldn’t be this good if he had.

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Mark Rogers cements his place in the indie folk pop scene as not just a reliably strong composer, but as a sonic force to be reckoned with. ”

No Depression, June 2018