"Mark Rogers cements his place in the indie folk pop scene as not just a reliably strong composer, but as a sonic force to be reckoned with." – No Depression, June 2018 

"I can firmly proclaim Mark Rogers to be one of the artists to watch in this burgeoning folk/rock revival, and his new album a must listen for anyone who is interested in seeing a blueprint of this new scene." – The Indie Source, June 2018 

I abandoned my LA country rock band in 1983 and moved back home to DC.  In doing so, I subordinated the dreams of writing the songs and making the records that would be worthy of my heroes and that of my calling.  And why wouldn’t I?  KROQ (rock of the 80’s. and. the. 90’s), home of Duran Duran, certainly wasn’t playing the Doug Sahm/Gram Parsons inspired cosmic twang that we were playing.  We were simply, out of time.  Only years later would I realized that, no, we were exactly at the right place and at the right time to be doing exactly what we were doing.  It might have been 15 years since “Sweetheart of the Rodeo”, but we were still six years ahead of “No Depression”.  Unbeknownst to me, guys like Dwight Yokum, Alejandro Escovedo and Chuck Prophet were lurking around in the same clubs we were. 

But I went back home. Broken, hungry and bummed out. To a place once described by Lowell George as “rock and roll heaven”, that had since given way to Ronald Reagan’s conservatism.  “I killed the beast”, as I used to say.  My music was relegated to hobby status, brought out periodically to pacify my kids.  

Fast forward 30 years.  I moved from DC to Williamsburg to marry the woman who I should have been with all along.  One day I pulled my D35 out of its case and picked out a Jesse Winchester song.  Then, I started singing an early 50’s/Hank Snow-styled country melody in D.  Damn if it didn’t turn out to be a pretty good song.  But more importantly, it was the first real composition I’d written in decades.  That led to another.  And then another.  By 2015, the gates had opened wide, and it was, just as it had been in the early 80’s, uncontrollable.  My music had returned.  

And now comes my second LP “Rhythm of the Roads”.  Ten songs written over the course of 2020 and early 2021.  An exploration of a life lived. It’s a reconciliation. Trials and Errors. Love lost and regained, and learning how to live with the two.