Available May 10th!

Virginia-born Mark Rogers has an innate way of relaxing you with his laid-back guitar lines and acoustic strumming on his first full-length LP, Laying It Down. The album twangs with Americana charm and the lyrical sophistication of a thoughtful artist well into their career.

From the gentle jazzy bossa of “The Blues are Passing By” to the train-like driving beat of “You Can Lead Me On,” Laying It Down shines with Rogers’ depth of emotional expression and the Americana elements that he incorporates. The bouncy, swinging “No Bigger Fool” features a shimmering organ and insights from Mark: “All this misery and pain is hard to understand / Seems the tighter that you squeeze the more it slips right through your hand.”

An admirer of the Byrds and Warren Zevon during his college years, Rogers moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. After frequenting the local club scene as a solo acoustic performer, he relocated to Washington D.C. to raise a family. In 2010, he rediscovered music and decided to channel his musical influences into creating a catalog of songs that speak to his artistic individuality. Mark’s previous EP Qualifiers debuted last year, charted internationally, and garnered attention in music publications including No Depression, Maximum Volume, and The Indie Source. Including some of the catchiest hooks and grooves from Qualifiers, Laying It Down expands his vision as a songwriter.

Mark Rogers cements his place in the indie folk pop scene as not just a reliably strong composer, but as a sonic force to be reckoned with. ”

No Depression, June 2018